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InCentred Enterprise

InCentred Enterprise

InCentred Enterprise is a platform and tool to automate all your processes and manage events from connected systems

Single interface, support for decision making-processes, modular architecture, distributed and failover operation scenarios are just some advantage features of our platform

InCentred Enterprise Modularity

InCentred Enterprise had modular architecture and any module can be added and implemented depending on the project need

InCentred Enterprise Workflow

Workflow automation

Workflow automation and support in decision-making processes are core features of our platform as we aim to deliver support and assistance in daily operations 

InCentred Enterprise Faiolver

Failover operation and distributed hierarchy

InCentred Enterprise is fully reliable and sustainable to hardware errors, interruptions of communication and even total system failure because a software node of the platform can operate even locally on operator workstation

InCentred Enterprise Incident Processing

Incident processing

All incidents pass over automatic analysis and evaluation and after an operator gets in the tree an incident linked with appropriate regulation. Incidents can be prioritised from 1st to 5ht level. Operator can take an incident for the processing or assign this incident to another operator. It's especially helpful when an operator gets incident with higher priority


Minimisation of human factor

Operators will not be able to miss or skip an incident with InCentred Enterprise anymore. All incidents are visible in the system tree and once an operator takes an incident for a processing - all steps need to be made and confirmed before an incident will be processed. Reporting and investigation register all the steps taken by operator


Coordination of interaction between departments

System management, incident processing, maintenance operations and other actions involving several responsible employees or departments can be now managed more efficiently, quickly and responsibly eliminating hours of coordinations, unnecessary meetings and time losses


Custom solutions

Each project and application scenario has special requirements, conditions and environment. We always thoroughly consider all factors, terms and variables to provide efficient and tailor-made solution


Implementation without interruption

Process of InCentred Enterprise implementation can be done seamlessly without any stops or pauses in daily operations. Installation and setup process doesn't require to stop systems being integrated into the platform


Reaction time

InCentred Enterprise optimises the reaction time on any incident. All regulations and reaction scenarios are automated with preset reaction time for each step or action. Therefore each incident can be processed quickly and responsibly at the same time with a focus on each regulation step

Security Monitoring Screens

Investigations and reporting

Management is able to control the performance and fulfilment of operators. InCentred Enterprise collects and register all data and events using dedicated module for further purposes of evaluation and investigation

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