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Art Gallery

InCentred EveOperate

InCentred EveOperate provides digital environment to run various media sources and solutions giving new performance to different events and expositions. 


Unification architecture is saving a time and costs without a need to open different interfaces and do many actions.

Exhibition Space

InCentred EveOperate is aimed to improve overal attendance of the facilities where it's deployed. Attraction of new visitors and constant audience will make a facility really recognisable

Attendance improvement
3 Gears


Modular architecture of InCentred EveOperate provides the ability to implement modules according to the facility needs and depending on the available and planned infrastructure

Person on a tablet

Management and unification

Central management and sources integration into a single data space are the main benefits of InCentred EveOperate implementation. Different audio and visual systems will work together with single management interface

Innate curiosity

Exhibition extension with kiosks

These machines can significantly extend the exposition and showcase the masterpieces which can't be shown physically due to the lack of space. In addition to this advantage a kiosk also provides structured information and all data in a single point

VR Art Exhibition

Virtual presence

Systems with virtual reality can turn standard world into totally different way of representation with high details. These solutions can be used not only for visitor immersion to the virtual copies of exposition halls with extended list of exhibits but also for immersion to the exhibit to feel the design and painter skill

Augmented Reality

Acquaintance in augmented reality

Technologies of augmented reality is a good way to meet the exposition visitors with painter character and heroes of their work. Innovation solution using personal mobile phone of the visitor provides additional virtual exhibits for the exhibition. These exhibits can interactively communicate with a visitor

Earth Projection

Live perception

Usage of modern computer technologies together with art animation technique gives an ability to make «alive» pieces of arts. This approach can extend the limits of perception for the visitor and leave unforgettable impressions

Audio speaker

Whole world in a sound

Sound accompaniment plays significant role for full and complete perception of the exhibition. It engages additional sense organs of the visitor. Author’s music composition with modern sound design improves the impression from visited exhibit and it represents an exhibit not only in paints and forms but also in the sound of a mood and surrounding space

On the Phone

Personal digital guide

Smartphone is integral part of modern person. Representation of the instrument for the visitor to have a comfortable acquaintance with the exhibition without a necessary walking via hall in guided group. Usage of additional devices can let a person to concentrate on impressions and emotions

Permanent Collection

Individual design of zones and content

Zones and content of interactive exposition are very important parts to reach the main purpose of the event: impressive effect and solution interactivity. Special content plays very important role in addition to the standard information about the exhibits, their digital reproductions, historical references

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