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Construction Site Managers

InCentred Industrial Security

InCentred solutions for Industrial Security provide highly reliable detection of different accidents related to the workers and employees safety. Accidents can happen anytime and these cases are hardly predictable.

InCentred Industrial Security can save workers health, improve operational safety as well as support uninterruptible operational process 

Action of a engineer is using digital pen to checking checklist on tablet with background

There is a number of analytic rules already available (Detection of person without the helmet, Detection of person without the uniform (with reflective elements), Detection of person on floor) and we are working to bring some more. These rules can be used all together or separately depending on the installation requirements

Multiple detection rules
Machine Learning analytics identify person technology , Artificial intelligence concept. C

Hardware agnostic solution

InCentred Industrial Security doesn't require any special cameras or servers. Any camera with RTSP stream can be used as a stream source. System can be up and running on different machines depending on the workload

Two Digital Computer Screens with Surveillance CCTV Video in a Harbour Monitoring Center w

VMS independent solution

System can operate independently from VMS. However it can also be a part of integrated solution. Solution can be adopted according to project requirements

Industry 4.0 Modern Factory_ Project Engineer Talks to Female Operator who Controls Facili

Neural networks

Deployed system can be trained and learned after the installation in real environment. As advantage - any possible false alarms can be eliminated and excluded

Engineer on Tablet

Regions of interest and trigger level

Performanse and load optimisation are very important, especially if a system counts multiple cameras. Regions of interest can optimise system performance and trigger level can eliminate unnecessary alarms

Security Room

Single interface

Real time viewing, recording viewing, switching between rules and optional analytic systems - everything can be done from single application interface

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