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InCentred RecoAcc

RecoAcc performs automatic face detection, recognition and further search operations using advances algorithms.

System highlights faces, creates neural samples, compares these samples with faces in the database and manages an access or notifies an operator in case of alarm.

InCentred RecoAcc Unlimited database.jpg

RecoAcc doesn't have any limits for database records as well as for detections and recognitions processes

Unlimited database
InCentred RecoAcc Angle of deviation

Detection and recognition angle

Guaranteed recognition can be done at 35° angle in horizontal and vertical axes. But practically RecoAcc is able to detect and recognise even at 90°

InCentred RecoAcc Challenging Recognition

Recognition in challenging environments

Different facial expressions like smile, closed eyes, raised eyebrows in addition to the mask, hat, glasses, makeup, beard or moustaches can be a problem for face recognition process. RecoAcc overcomes these challenges and does a recognition

InCented RecoAcc Low quality images

Low quality images

Video cameras used for face recognition don't provide ideal quality most of the time especially in challenging illumination conditions and recognition engine should work with available images. RecoAcc successfully operates with the quality degradation where facial features aren't well visible and presented

InCentred RecoAcc Person Tracking.jpg


Tracking feature for recognised persons is available across cameras defined in different zones on the site or multiple sites. You can track a person and check when and where a person was recognised

InCented RecoAcc Recognition with age changes

Age changes

Our face is changing with years and we can't do nothing with it. Also some plastic changes can be done and after that a person on available picture will look not like in the reality. RecoAcc maintains the recognition process and resists huge face changes

InCentred RecoAcc Camera and VMS

VMS and Camera agnostic

RecoAcc doesn't depend on any VMS or any camera brand. Only RTSP stream is needed to get the scene and do the recognition there

InCentred RecoAcc Face recognition API


We provide REST API and continuously support it with new releases of RecoAcc software packages. API can be used to integrate and get the data from RecoAcc to 3rd party systems



Internal Anti-Spoofing algorithm detects live face and face printed on the paper or displayed on the phone/tablet or other electronic sources preventing false recognition


Fast performance

Operation with a face search in a database with 1 000 000 events takes less than 3 seconds

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