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InCentred VeriFy

InCentred VeriFy is advanced person verification system. VeriFy algorithm works based on biometric parameters of person face.


Algorithm creates neural network image of person face and registers this person in the system. Created neural network image is used as a reference identification data for this person.


Fast verification without SMS, passwords, QR codes and smart keys

Simplified user experience for verification

User confidence in the security of your service

Person is not afraid that someone can get his password or a password will be forgotten.

Person data are stored securely and identification key is always with user - a face


Raising the protection of user activities and data

Solution is based on face recognition with advanced systems for liveness control.

System will detect if somebody but not a real person is trying to log in

Image by Alexander Sinn

Secured storage of person data

All biometric data of person face are stored on InCentred VeriFy server as digital combinations.


InCentred VeriFy does not require to store the original graphic image of person face

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